Mura Vey (mura_vey) wrote,
Mura Vey

Destination, Determination and Deliberation

Нашла на Zen Habits отличную цитату, касающуюся необходимых ингридиентов всех креативных процессов:
When it comes down to it, there are three major groups of things we need to do to succeed at whatever it is we want to do. We need to Create, we need to Connect, and we need to Consume. Or in other words, we need to produce/share, build and nurture relationships, and keep ourselves savvy in our field. An imbalance in these areas will stagnate our progress. If we’re always consuming, but never getting our ideas out there, we won’t make any progress toward our goals. If we’re connecting without creating, we’ll have nothing of value to share. And if we’re creating without continually learning, we’ll become outdated.

Последняя фраза, кажется мне особенно важной, потому что это то, о чем обычно забывают.
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