Mura Vey (mura_vey) wrote,
Mura Vey


В предверии приближающейся весны читала страшные истории про местную зиму.

In this polar blackness or mørketiden (murky time), the mentally unstable may slip over the edge into a temporary state of profound mental disturbance. Even those who are emotionally healthy the rest of the year may become unaccountably tense, restless, fearful and preoccupied with thoughts of death and suicide.

The polar night has a tendency to bring out the least desirable elements in human behavior—envy, jealousy, suspicion, egotism, irritability.

If a person doesn't use mørketiden as an excuse for job failure, marital problems or just feeling low, if he takes it as a challenge, if he doesn't sit back and give in to the darkness, he will pull through.

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